Prototype for a cautious urban redevelopment

Initial situation

The area is located between Hamburg Airport and the city park in the important business location City Nord

This "model city of the modern age" was developed as a new business city based on an idea by Werner Hebebrand (former head of the senior building department) and was intended to satisfy the demand for office space in the post-war years

The single-tenant building was built by the architects Pysall, Jensen, Stahrenberg and Partner in 1985 on behalf of Deutsche Postbank and extended in 1993

The current tenant of the building, which has a total gross floor area of around 57,600 m², is Deutsche Postbank

Project Data

The project, developed from a workshop procedure, provides for three office buildings and a residential tower on a shared underground car park

The structure of the building shell is to be partially preserved in order to save raw materials and CO2 emissions and to generate a sustainable radiance

The extensions to the existing building and the new buildings on Sydneystrasse are to be realised in wood hybrid construction

In addition to versatile and comfortable workplaces and apartments with a special view of the city park, an atmospheric, high-quality campus is being built here


Project Launch

32,000 sqm